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Are the deals posted by DealsFinders legit?

Absolutely! We personally test every deal, promotion, freebie, or coupon before posting to ensure the offer is valid. This means there are no scams or questionable offers on

However, please note that we are a team of imperfect human beings that are posting deals behind our computer screens, so errors may happen on occasion. We’re human. But we strive to ensure that every deal is something that we would each be personally interested in snagging ourselves.

Also, on occasion, some deals do not work out as anticipated (i.e. orders get cancelled, freebies do not arrive, etc.). Although this can be extremely frustrating, cannot be held responsible when this happens.

How does make money?

Our team researches and validates all deals and offerings posted on Note that some deals involve products or services sold by merchants that have affiliate programs. If we find a product or service, which is a great deal, we will refer you to the product or service with an affiliate link. may get paid a commission if you use the link and/or buy the product. Whether you use the link or buy the product is entirely up to you.

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I found a great deal. How can I send it to you?

I found a great deal. How can I send it to you?
If you’ve found a great deal while out shopping or have a money-saving tip, we want to hear about it! You can visit our Contact Us page or send an email to [email protected] and let us know about it!

Here are a few simple tips to make the most of the site:

Browse the homepage often – new deals, coupons, offers, freebies, and more are posted throughout the day! In fact, you may want to check the site every 2 minutes with a cup of coffee in hand… because YES, that’s how often we’re posting content!

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Is a store? Am I buying the deals from you?

No. There’s no shopping cart on our site because we don’t sell anything ourselves. We’re the friend who tells you where and how to get the best deals on the things you want and need. That’s it!
When you click on one of our deals, you’ve whisked away to Amazon, Macy’s, or Walmart, or Home Depot, or one of the thousands of retailers we work with. Once you get there, you can get the deal for yourself, but you’re buying it from them, not us. Since you are never buying anything directly from us, we don’t have access to your order information or sensitive financial info like credit card numbers.

It also means that despite our best efforts to confirm that a retailer has enough inventory, the best deals sometimes sell out. That’s not a scam – just supply and demand. We always take these deals down once we know they’re no longer available. We take our deal quality pretty seriously. If a deal isn’t working out for you, then it isn’t doing us any favors, either. Just leave a comment on the deal and we’ll follow up.

I live in Canada. Can I still do use these deals?

Many of the online deals do work for Canadians, but shipping is often more expensive to Canada. Some companies offer it for similar rates or just a couple dollars more, but often it can be much higher than that, making the deals not so great anymore. When free shipping is included, it almost never extends to Canadians.

Some companies have Canadian sites that are the equivalent of the U.S. site, like OldNavy, Gap, etc. The deals sometimes cross over to the Canadian site, although they often don’t. Online coupon codes are hit and miss.

Sometimes deals cannot apply to Canadians at all. There are a lot of sites that will not accept Canadian addresses, even for billing. So while I have a U.S. address (the family who lives in the U.S.) that I often use for shipping, there are some sites that will not even allow me to use my bank card because it is attached to a Canadian address. Sometimes the site will simply give you an error, and other times there is no other option except U.S. when you go to choose your country of residence.