About this Deal

Untill 12/31, Chase Pay is offering 35¢ off per gallon on your next fill-up (up to $20) when you first purchase 5 gallons via Chase pay. Follow the steps below to add your fuel rewards account and use Chase Pay at the pump.

Steps to Setup Chase Pay & Add Fuel Rewards:

  1. Download the Chase Pay app [iOS or Android] and log-in with your Chase account
  2. Tap “Manage” icon on the home screen and select “Add card”
  3. Select “Shell” from the merchant list
  4. Enter your loyalty card number or Alt ID, then tap “Add card”

Steps to Use Chase Pay at the Pump:

  1. Open the Chase Pay app at a participating Shell location, then select “Pay”
  2. Select “Gas” and then your station
  3. Enter the pump number and hit “approve”
  4. Enter your unique code at the pump and start fueling!