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Ultraviolet germicidal lamp, mobile germicidal lamp. UV + ozone double protection, fast disinfection for 30 minutes, even if it is blocked, ozone can also be disinfected and sterilized, 360 ° all-round mite and bacteria removal, not afraid of dead angle, comprehensive protection of family pet health.

Product parameters

Name: Ozone UV light sanitizer
Power: 38W
Voltage: 110V
Color: white
Size: 18.1″ x 8.2″
Application Area: 40㎡
UV Lamp: 254nm Wavelength

How To Use

1. Install the product accessories.
2. Press ON on the remote control, choose the 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 60 minutes.
3.30s to leave the UV light work area.
4. When it is completed, the lamp will be off, and please unplug the power cord.
5. Please ventilate the room for about 40 minutes after unplugging.

Suggested usage time:

1.Small space ( ≤10 square meters): 15 minutes once, such as kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe.
2.Medium space ( ≤20 square meters): 30 minutes once, such as closet, dogicken house, toilet, storage room.
3.Larger space ( ≤40 square meters): 60 minutes once, such as living room, dining room, bedroom.


1 x UV light sterilizer lamp
1 x remote


* The germicidal lamp should be properly placed to prevent children from touching and operating.
* When the germicidal lamp is turned on, please leave the place of use immediately and keep the environment without any pets and plants.
* Do not look directly at the UV light source. Absorbing too much ultraviolet light can cause skin irritation and conjunctival damage.
* Pay attention to the protection of valuable paintings in the room to prevent oxidation and discoloration due to long-term ultraviolet radiation.
* Do not use germicidal lamps as lighting fixtures. Appropriate disinfection is appreciated. It is not recommended to keep.

360 ° all-round mite and bacteria removal, not afraid of dead angle, comprehensive protection of family pet health

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