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  • [ RESTORATIVE SLEEP ] – When you cant seem to turn off the hustle from the work week get ENITYA heavy blanket a try. The weight is equally distributed to provide wonderful relaxation. You will wake up feeling renewed!
  • [ EXCELLENT WEIGHT DISTRIBUTION ] – The filler is glass beads and high quality fibers, wrapped in the softest fabric. Micro-glass beads are evenly distributed reach every corner of the blanket. Evenly distribute comforting weight across your body.
  • [ 6-LAYERED PREMIUM SYSTEM ] – 6-layer system designed to surround your body comfortabl and form to your shape while you sleep. It has superior breathable and adaptive temperature regulation.
  • [ CHOOSE THE RIGHT SIZE ] – We recommend choosing a weighted blanket that weighs around 7-13% of your body weight. If the final weight falls equal between two blanket sizes, it’s best to go with the lighter option.
  • [ AFTER-SALE SERVICES ] – We provide 30-day return and replacement service and responsible for 1-year. If you have any question, please contact us, you will get a reply within a short time.