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  • ? Adjustable foot hold: ensures your feet are securely but comfortably held allowing you to invert all the way round.
  • ? Eliminate Bad Posture And Back Pain: Our inversion table is designed to fit anyone and everyone! Through the use of inversion training, one can decrease the compression on their back and allow for the achievement of better posture and decreased back pain.
  • ? Soft grip handles: the handles on the side allow you to control your inversion gently and gradually so that you don’t spin round too quickly. The foam on the handles allows you to get a firm grip that won’t slip.
  • ? Shoulder guard: even though your feet are secure in the hold you have the added security of two pads that will stop you from falling off the inversion table. Your shoulders will never actually touch the guard as that would stop the decompression but it there as an insurance to the foot hold.
  • ? Comes with KingSo guarantee: If you aren’t happy with the inversion gravity training seat that you receive, simply send us a message.