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Source organic ingredients from your kitchen with this AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim in-home garden system. A six-pod gourmet salad kit is included for growing GMO-free plants, and the stainless steel soil-free base uses water for mess-free planting and harvesting. This AeroGarden Harvest Elite Slim in-home garden system has energy-efficient LED lighting to nourish plants for photosynthesis and growth.


Multi-Plant Growing

Grow up to 6 plants indoors all year long


Up to 12″ of grow height for herbs, crisp salad greens, juicy cherry tomatoes and more

Quicker Grows

Adjustable, energy-efficient 20W LED grow light panel provides the full spectrum of light needed for fast growth

Ultimate Control

Easy-to-use controls with digital read out for care reminders and quick set up

Perfect Fit

Small enough for any counter or end table. Perfect for any room in the house!