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  • ADORABLE UNICORN POOL FLOAT FOR TODDLERS WITH SHADE: This is a must have baby swimming float which is the most stylish flamingo theme and secure babies well which is made of durable and kid-safe PVC fabric.
  • REMOVABLE CANOPY FOR SUN PROTECTION: Baby’s skin is extremely delicate and Meland pool floaties is specifically designed for extra sun protection. The detachable canopy is adjustable and removable if you’d like to keep it on in backyard pool or beach or take it off at an indoor pool.
  • CONFORTABLE INFLATABLE FLOAT SEAT DESIGN: Meland pool boat for kids has a double-layered inflatable seat with two leg holes that cradles babies well, which is large and flat as well as has a smooth and highly comfortable surface that does not irritate babies.
  • ALL THE SAFETY FEATURES: Swim ring for kids comes with 2 handles that kids can grip and 2 extra airbags on both side that enhance balance while kicking the water. A safety string that parents could pull around.
  • PREMIUM INFANT INFLATABLE SPRING FLOAT WITH MONEY-BACK GURANTEE: Enjoy your family summer vocation with our baby water float, which is recommended for babies ages 9-36 months. Meland Direct will refund you or provide a replacement if you received any defective products in 90 days.