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  • 【High Quality】 — Made of durable ABS plastic, which is environmentally friendly and safe. Its high-quality inflatable rubber wheels are equipped with shock-absorbing springs and have a strong grip, allowing Trucks to drive on uneven ground. 品牌已备案,跟卖此链接必送小红旗,请自重!!!
  • 【Easy to Operate】 — Driven by inertial power, no battery needed, just press the vehicle down and move it back slightly to get strong power, and then quickly release them.
  • 【Rubber tires】– The tires are made of rubber, with strong grip and longer use
  • 【Four-wheel Drive Inertia Power】– With strong power, the car can drive without battery. You push it forward, it goes forward, you push it backward, it goes backward
  • 【Perfect Gift for Kids】 — With these toy trucks, your kids are able to build a racing game to gain more fun in the playing time. Adults can accompany children to play monster toys trucks, which is conducive to promoting the affection between parents and children