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  • ???? FUN – Our potty training sticker chart set comes with colorful stickers in playful designs with durable weekly progress potty chart to stick them to.
  • ? INTERACTIVE POTTY TRAINING CHART – Get your little ones involved in potty training, they will be proud of their achievements and enjoy watching the weeks fill up with stickers.
  • ? POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT – Motivate your children to engage in positive actions instead of controlling their behavior, providing a fun, confidence boosting learning experience.
  • ???? REWARDING POTTY CHART AND DIPLOMA – Not only will they complete an important step to becoming a big kid but they will get a certified diploma they can hand up to prove it.
  • ???? A PORTION OF COZY GREENS PROFITS GO TO CHARITY. It is our mission to create love and happiness in the lives of all that we touch. That is why we donate a portion of proceeds from each purchase to Child’s Life Chances for Children Charity. By choosing our Toilet Training Chart, not only are you getting an amazing product, you are also helping improve the quality of life for other children.

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