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  • NEW UV TECH: Mosquito trap is equipped with purple lamp beads with a light wave of 365nm that insect like on both sides, which is different from the ordinary cheap 395nm on the market. The two sides of the lamp beads are directed against each other to produce a 365nm purple light curtain. This light emits a wider range and is more effective in attracting mosquitoes.
  • POWERFUL FAN: Fly trap uses a high-quality motor fan. At speeds up to 2500 rpm, the noise is still very low; compared with other small motors with the same speed, the fan noise is reduced by more than 1/4. UV light attract + smell attract + 360°fan suction, good anti-mosquito effect.
  • EASY FOUR STEPS: 1. UV wave attracts mosquitoes effectively; 2. Powerful suction fan vortex trap mosquitoes; 3. Trapped at the bottom to prevent mosquitoes from escaping; 4. Large storage box make the mosquito dry and die. The gnat trap is only suitable for indoor use, such as bedrooms, or kitchen, etc. It is not suitable for large flies.
  • HOW TO TURN ON: After plugging in the power, PRESS AND HOLD THE POWER BUTTON FOR 2 SECONDS to turn on the trap, and then switch a timing mode every time you click the power button. If it is to kill mosquitoes in the bedroom, it is recommended to turn on 3 hours in advance. There are three different timing modes of 4/6/12 hours, which can meet everyone’s different needs.
  • RECYCLE AND RE-USE: Unlike other anti-mosquito lamps that use disposable glue boards, our mosquito killer lamps use a double-layer anti-escape storage, which is convenient for installation, removal and cleaning. It is recycle. USB plug and play, easy to use.