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  • COLORFUL BUBBLE SETS: 5 large bubble wands, 10 medium-sized bubble wands, 13 small bubble wands, 4 animal-shaped bubble wands, 5 bubble trays (2 large + 3 small). Colorful bubble wand and tray combination to meet the different needs of children.
  • ROMANTIC and FUN BUBBLES: Funny bubbles are suitable for various occasions such as weddings, birthday parties, outdoor activities, and family gatherings. Colorful bubbles floating in the air show a romantic scene under the reflection of sunlight. These bubble tools are suitable for parks, lawns, courtyards, beaches, and other places.
  • SIMPLE and EASY to USE: Our bubble wands are very easy to use, just add the bubble solution (bubble solution is not included) in the bubble tray, and then stir with a bubble wand to make various bubbles.
  • HAPPY PARENT-CHILD TIME: During weekends and holidays, families and children participate in the process of making bubbles to create more laughter and joy. More parent-child interaction time is beneficial to shortening the distance between parents and children and improving the parent-child relationship.
  • SUITABLE for ALL AGE: Our bubble wands are made of high-quality plastic so kids can hold their wands easily and blow bubbles more easily. But it is important to be careful not to let bubble water into the mouth of children.