1. Visit HomeDepot.com for Savings and Selection Not in Store

HomeDepot.com may have prices that differ from what you’ll find in your local store. It’s always a good idea to check prices online before heading out to the store in your neighborhood. You may catch an online deal that you can’t find anywhere else.

2.Save 5% By Using a Subscription to Auto-ship Items

You can use a Home Depot subscription to automatically re-order things you know you’re going to use again. Not only will you no longer have to worry about it, you’ll receive a 5% savings on each item that’s auto-shipped to your home or business.

All you need to do is link a credit card to your account and you’ll be billed automatically.

3. Use Lowe’s Coupons at Home Depot

As crazy as it sounds, Home Depot honors every single one of the coupons that Lowes has to offer. You will need to bring in the Lowes coupon as proof.

4. Ask for Free Moving Boxes

Home Depot sells boxes at around $2 a pop, but if you’re in need of some, ask a manager before buying them. Chances are they have an abundance laying around and may set some aside for you for free.

5. Home Depot Has Vans to Rent for Big Purchases

Have a small vehicle but need to make a big purchase at Home Depot? Home Depot has the answer. You can rent a truck or van for $19 and take it home. You’ll have it for 75 minutes at that rate, or you can rent it for the day or even for the week.

6. Clearance Items With Prices Ending in 6 Will Get Discounted Again

A secret tactic Home Depot uses involves their prices. A price ending in a “6” ($8.06, for instance) will be discounted again six weeks after the last markdown date.

Look at the date printed on the tag to determine when the last markdown happened.

7. Home Depot Does Some Cutting for Free

The staff at Home Depot will cut any piece of wood for you two times at no cost. After that, it will cost you 50 cents per cut.

They also cut things like rope, chains, wire, and window blinds.

8. Save Money on Big Purchases with Home Depot Pro Xtra

If you’re going to be making a purchase of over $1,500 dollars, be sure to sign up for the Home Depot Pro Xtra program first. You may be eligible for a discount!

Although designed for contractors, this program is available to anyone. If you bring your list of planned purchases to the store, they will give you a quote that usually results in 5% to 30% savings.

9. Use the Home Depot Rebate Center for Appliance Deals

The Home Depot knows there’s money in appliances and wants you to buy everything in their store. Be sure to visit the Home Depot Rebate Center to look for special rebates on ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators, washers, dryers, and more.

Buying more than one appliance at a time will only help your chances of landing a rebate!

10. Check the Ends of Aisles for the Best Savings

Those endcaps on either end of the aisle aren’t just there for show – they typically place clearance items there in hopes they will disappear quickly. You’ll never know what you’re going to find there before you go, but it never hurts to look.

11. Home Depot Repairs Tools Under Warranty

Home Depot will service and repair any tool you’ve purchased from their store as long as it’s still under the manufacturer’s warranty. There is an upfront $19 diagnostic fee, but this will be returned to you if the repair is indeed covered under the warranty.

12. Teachers and Other Government Employees Can Shop Tax-Free

As long as the purchases are being made for school or office use, government employees can purchase items tax-free. Be sure to register your tax-exempt status on their site before visiting the store.

13. The Home Depot Credit Card Has Limited Appeal

Home Depot’s credit card seems great at first, offering money back the first time you make purchases at price points of over $25, $25-$299, $300-$999, and $1000, but the fun stops there. Repeat purchases in these amounts give you nothing back. If you’re going to pick up this card, stop using it after you’ve received these earnings.

14.Home Depot Rents Tools

If you’re only going to need a tool for a one-time job, don’t spend all the money to buy it. Home Depot has a large selection of tools for rent by the day that can save you tons of money if you finish your project on time.

15. Check Out Home Depot’s Workshops

Normally in person, Home Depot’s workshops are online only right now but still offer a ton of cool tips and tricks via their live steam. There are even workshops for kids!

Best of all, completing a workshop for the first time nets you a 15% off coupon!

16. Join the Garden Club for Savings

Signing up for the Home Depot Garden Club will get you a coupon for $5 off a $50 or more purchase. In addition, you’ll receive frequent tips and special offers sent right to your email!

17. Home Depot Has a Spring Black Friday Date

If you’re planning some spring purchases (or even if you’re not!), find out when the spring black Friday sale is at Home Depot. On that day they’ll have some amazing savings on products that may not even typically see savings.

18. Check the Fourth of July Sale As Well

If you’re more in the market for summer goodies, wait for Home Depot’s Fourth of July sale. This sale usually lasts a few weeks but still sees significant discounts on a lot of products used over the summer.

19.Don’t Forget About Labor Day

Labor Day weekend is a good time to shop the Home Depot for bathroom and kitchen necessities. We’re talking everything from bed and bath linens to big brand name appliances!

20. The Real Black Friday Sees Amazing Savings

As if we would forget about the Black Friday in November? There’s no telling what kind of savings you’ll be able to find on the day after Thanksgiving, but you’re not going to want to miss those deals!

21. Get Free Shipping on Orders Over $45

Most items in the online store are eligible for free shipping if you spend over $45 total on your purchase. Shipping has two-day delivery as well so you’re get your products in a hurry.

There’s also free delivery on any appliance that retails for $396 or more.

22.Watch Out for the Special Buy of the Day

The name says it all. Home Depot picks one or a few items and discounts them 30% to 50% for just a 24-hour window. These special deals of the day refresh every day at the same time, so check often and buy quickly!

23. Get a $5 Coupon By Signing Up for Emails

Subscribe to Home Depot’s email list and you’ll get a $5 off a purchase of $50 or more coupon sent to your inbox. Check these emails frequently for deals and information about the special buy of the day.

24.Take Advantage of Freebies

Home Depot will hook you up with a few services free of charge. They’ll shake paint, give samples of flooring and carpet, and even recycle batteries all for free.

25.Get a Discount on a Moving Truck

Be sure to go through Home Depot if you need a truck for moving large items. They have a deal with Penske where you can get 10% off a moving truck just for booking through Home Depot. There are further discounts for college students, members of the military, and AAA members.

26.Price Tags Ending With 3 are As Low as It Goes

If you’re shopping the store and see an item whose price ends in a 3, don’t wait around to make a purchase. That’s the lowest price the items if ever going to see, and once it’s gone, it’s gone.

27.Purple Marked Wood Has a Huge Discount

If you need wood for a project that’s not too fancy, head to the back of the store and enquire about wood that’s marked in purple. Home Depot offers 70% off these pieces of wood that are left over, damaged, or warped.

28. Save Money With Bulk Pricing

If you’re planning to buy a lot of something, look into bulk pricing. There are thousands of items in the store that are eligible for savings if you buy enough of the item.

29.Use the Oops Bin for Savings

Paint that isn’t tinted properly or ends up the wrong color isn’t thrown away. It’s put into an oops bin where is it sold at a huge discount. Of course, you’re going to be stuck with whatever color is in the bin, so choose carefully!

30.Look for Holiday Items Right After the New Year

Like most stores, Home Depot is in a hurry to get rid of holiday items as soon as Christmas is over. Things are marked off up to 75% right after New Year’s Day and anything that survives to the middle of January will get bumped to 90% off.

31.Look for an In-store Coupon Book

Stores often have a coupon book for cleaning supplies in the store that you can pick up and use. Be sure to look around in the cleaning aisle or at the store entrance for one of these.

32.Fill Out a Home Depot Survey

Most of us don’t bother with all the text at the bottom of the receipt, but you can make a lot of money with Home Depot’s. Log onto the website and fill out the survey using the ID and password on the receipt to be eligible to win a $5000 prize when the store draws a few names every quarter.

33.Bring Back Dead Plants

A little morbid, perhaps, but Home Depot will take back and dead plant that you purchased from their store within a year of purchasing it. You don’t need to explain what happened, you just need to bring in your receipt.

Plants bought online that don’t look great can be replaced within three days for a free replacement as well.

34.Members of the Military Get a Discount

Anyone currently serving, or retired or disabled veterans and spouses are all eligible for a 10% discount off just about anything in the store. Most of the time this discount won’t pair with other discounts, though.

You will be required to present a military ID that says “Service Connected” on it.

35.Do Some Price Matching

Home Depot will price match a purchase you’ve made from their store and even throw a 10% discount on it if you bring in proof that another store beat their price.

This only applies to stores with physical locations, and not the big wholesale stores like Sam’s Club and Costco.