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26 Animal options! Warmies® Juniors are smaller than the full-size Warmies but are just as cuddly and cute!  

The heatable characters are gently scented with French lavender to provide comfort and relaxation. 

Warmies Juniors can also be chilled and make a great little ice pack to comfort your little one’s boo-boos.  Warm or Cold – Warmies Jr’s are loved by, and safe for, all ages. 

Up to 9″ Tall- some are more round than tall based on the animal. 

What you will receive: The animals are about 8 oz each and about 9 inches tall or round. These are the junior size.  We ship them in a large bubble envelope or a box for multiples. PLEASE NOTE: The box pictured does not come with the animal. The shipping price would double if we shipped them and we are trying to keep our shipping costs as low as possible for our customers.  There is a neck tag on each warmie with instructions on heating and freezing.