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  • ?LARGE RESIN MOLDS: This big resin mold kit includes different shapes silicone molds, like Cube, Pyramid, Sphere, Diamond, Triangular Pyramid and Stone paperweight mold, also comes with 2pcs measuring cups,20pcs wood sticks, 5 flash powder. You could create different art projects and have a lot of fun.
  • ?Easy to De-mold: Silicone casting molds are with smooth and shiny interiors, reducing the need to cut back and polish finished resin items. After your project is fully cured it will be easy pop out of your silicone casting mold, or you could use resin mold spray, which may help you extend your silicone casting mold’s life.
  • ?Wide application: These casting molds are compatible with most resins or other casting materials such as epoxy resin, polyester resins, soap, wax, candle etc. You can add some resin pigment, resin dye and embed different kinds of embellishments or fillers, perfect for making cabochons, orgone, resin jewelry, hanging ornaments, home decorations, paperweights, pendulum, art projects etc.
  • ?Easy storage and care: Please store the resin molds in room temperature place, avoid from the direct sunlight. Clean these silicone molds with soapy water. WARM TIPS:When using sphere resin mold, you may use rubber bands which help tighten the mold or you may stick the two parts together with a heat glue gun to avoid leakage
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