A car is like a human being – it needs to be fed, cleaned, and taken care of. In doing so, your car will be there to take care of you when you need it most. Especially this time of year if you live in a state with snowy winter weather, keeping your car on top of its game will keep you as safe as possible when conditions take a turn for the worse. Here are some ideas to keep your car in tip-top shape.

A 2-Pack of Backseat Organizers

Keep your kids’ clutter to a minimum with these backseat organizers, just $17.99 for the pair. They can hold anything from stuffies to drawing materials to a tablet for a makeshift TV screen.

A Car Trunk Organizer

Go the extra mile in storage by picking up this car trunk organizer. Instead of having your items bouncing all over the back of the car, they’ll be safe and organized in here. A great buy at only $13.79.

An Oil Diffuser

Add just 5 or 6 drops of your favorite essential oil to this diffuser to keep your car smelling fresh for a long time. It’s currently less than $15!

A Car Wash and Cleaner Kit

Protect your car from whatever winter throws at it with this car care kit, only $13.47 at the moment!

All-Weather Heavy Duty Floor Mats

For a limited time, you can pick up these floor mats for $19.99, which is 70% off the retail price. These are perfect for any weather!

A Jump-Starter Kit

Don’t be caught out in the cold with a dead battery this winter! This jump starter kit can start up most cars on its own, without the need for another vehicle! Get it for $69.99 now while it’s discounted!

A Car Power Washer

Keep your car clean and salt-free this winter with a high-quality power washer. This power washer is designed to be tough on dirt but easy on your vehicle! At $149.99, it’s currently 25% off!

Cash Wash and Wax Soap

Get a deep clean by using this concentrated car wash and wax soap for your power washer. At $13.62, it will make your car shine without breaking the bank.

Car Leather Cleaner

Take care of the inside of your car too. Leather upholstery will look great after a clean with this leather cleaner, currently $19.99!

A Headlight Restoration Kit

There’s nothing worse than driving at night on a winter’s day and having limited visibility due to yellowed headlights! Use this restoration kit to turn them back clear and bright. For just $24.95, you’ll be happy you did!

A Hidden Trash Can

Is there anything worse than seeing garbage around your car, especially on long drives? This StashAway trash can keeps trash contained and out of sight. Better yet, it’s 50% off right now at only $14.99!

A Portable Car Vacuum Cleaner

While we’re keeping things clean, pick up this portable car vacuum cleaner and pick up all those pieces of cereal, crackers, and who knows what else hidden throughout your car! At $34.99, it’s 20% off right now.

Car Wash Cleaning Tools

Clean your car in every way imaginable with this 25-piece cleaning kit, full of squeegees, brushes, towels, and more. The kit is currently priced at $29.99, 20% off the retail price.

Car Cleaning Gel

This crazy car cleaning gel gets where hands and even vacuums can’t, picking up crumbs and who knows what else from every nook and cranny of your car. At just $7.89, can you afford not to get it?

Some Air Fresheners

The company FRSH has several scents they want to send you to freshen up the smell of your car. Just $7.95 each month (this includes shipping!) will get you unique, long lasting scents to keep your car smelling great.