Each year we fill out all our tax information, hoping that we’re going to get some of our hard-earned money back and not have to give up any more. If you’ve jumped through the hoops and discovered you are indeed getting a refund, it won’t be long before you’re wondering when that money is going to arrive. Luckily, there’s a tool that will help you figure out just when you’re going to get that check.

Use Your Phone or Computer to Discover the Status of Your Refund

The IRS has some neat tools that you can use to determine where your money is. On a phone, download the IRS2GO App and click on Refund Status. On a computer, navigate over to the Where’s My Refund? page and click the box that says “Check my Refund Status”.

No matter which device you use, you’ll need the same three pieces of information: Your Social Security Number, your filing status, and the exact amount you’re expecting to get back.

You’ll need to wait at least 24 hours after e-filing or at least 4 weeks after you’ve filed via mail.

See Your Refund Status

Once you’ve loaded in that information, you’ll be taken to a personalized page where your refund will (hopefully) be listed as one of three stages: Return Received, Refund Approved, or Refund Sent.

If you’re in one of the latter two stages, the page will tell you exactly when to expect your refund. The IRS typically updates their information once a day.

What if the Website or App Can’t Locate My Refund?

With the coronavirus still out there, the IRS mentions right on their site that things may move a little slower this year. In years past, the IRS did handle over 90% of returns within 21 days. There are returns that take longer to process due to complexity as well.

The IRS asks that you wait patiently for 21 days if you filed your taxes online or 6 weeks if you filed by mail. If you don’t see anything in the Where’s My Refund? tool by that point, then it is okay to call the IRS and talk to someone about the status of your refund. No matter what, don’t file another tax return. Here’s hoping for the best!