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  • ?[Upgraded Nano Steam Tech and EXCLUSIVE Atomizing Lamp]–Facial steamer home facial designed with EXCLUSIVE Atomizing Lamp,It can purify nano water vapor. And face steamer have new sonic atomizer to produce nano steam with negatively charged ionic particles.Nano steam combined with ionic water particles are up to 10x more effective in penetrating skin.It can unblock your pores and improve your skin tone.That means you can enjoy professional facial SPA at home or even in travel!
  • ?[Aromatherapy, Essential Oil:Purified Water < 1:50] When using ordinary facial steamer, essential oils cannot be added. Because it is easy to block. However, this product uses a super-strong atomization technology, which allows the addition of appropriate essential oils and other skin care products when the face is steamed.heir ratio, essential oil: purified water <1:20 . This kind of aromatherapy can make people feel happy and relax, and at the same time it can better maintain the skin.
  • ?[Professional Skin Care kit]– Nano Ionic Face Steamer With Free 4 Pieces Blackhead Or Acne Remover Kit, The Skin Care kit instruments that compliment your Nano Steamer perfectly. Followup your steaming session by using this kit to remove blackheads and blemishes effortlessly for perfect skin after every use.
  • ?[Replenish Water In The Room]–Replenish the water in the room. Every summer, winter or when the air conditioner is turned on for a long time, the air in the room becomes very dry. This can cause various skin problems. It has a 150ml water tank and sprays a large mist, can meet the water supplement of about 20 square rooms
  • ?[Suggestions And Precautions]–Use pure water, not mineral water. If essential oil is added when using the product, pay attention to the ratio of water to essential oil, and clean it after use.