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  • ?Powerful Pressure Washer : Pressure washer delivers a higher cleaning performance and uniform cleaning results,This 1800W electric power washer motor generates 2950PSI, 2.0GPM can remove even the most stubborn and encrusted dirt within seconds – quickly, easily.
  • ?On-board Hose Reel : The high pressure washer hose is stationary in the reel so that it can be used steadily without being crushed under other objects and the mess. Great! All Troubles Fade Away. Also don’t ignore the sturdy wheels, that make your movement more convenient even if you are a petite woman.
  • ?TTS(Total Stop System) : The Electric Power Washer built-in Total Stop System (TSS) prevents accidental sprays of water when you’re trying to move the washer around or make adjustments to it, prolong pump life. A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) built into the power box at the end of 33 feet power cord for Added Safety.
  • ? Adjustable nozzle & Removable Detergent Tank : Pressure washer Cleaner Comes with 5 Interchangeable Nozzles From 0º, 15º, 25º, 40ºand Soap to tackle light, medium and heavy duty cleaning tasks easily.You can choose the most suitable flow to wash various surfaces
  • ?Versatile Power Spray Mode : Adjust the quick-change to your current needs:Nozzles control pressure washer,Push the nozzle for high-pressure for tough tasks;pull out nozzle for low pressure to clean your car or window in safe state; cooperate with detergent tank and the convertible water flow for stronger cleaning effect, thus saving water and time. Keep The Outside of Your Home Spotless!