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Cleanse your smartphone of viruses and bacteria with this HoMedics UV-Clean phone sanitizer. The UV-C LED technology maximizes coverage during the cleaning process and takes just one minute to sanitize both sides of your phone. This HoMedics UV-Clean phone sanitizer is portable and provides 70 uses on a single charge for convenience.

Compatible with most modern smartphones

Designed to fit even the largest models to accommodate your existing device.

UV-C technology

The ultraviolet light is environmental friendly and invisible to human eye killing almost all germs and bacteria.

Pop-up mechanism

Provides optimal light coverage for device treatment in extended form and compact profile while not in use.

Up to 70 uses per one charge

Two weeks of sanitization without worries about charging.

Fast treatment of your phone

It only takes 30 seconds for one side, then other, and it’s done.

Safety lock

The sanitizer can be used only when a zipper is fully closed and fixed magnetically in a specific position to prevent harmful influence on your body.


Excellent choice for the whole family.