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  • ?Extra Length?Our mitts with a longer length by 7.5”X14.7″, which is not only protect your fingers, hand and wrist from burns, in addition to protect forearms, provide some of the highest heat protection on the market.
  • ?Heat-Resistant TO 480°F?The innovative oven mitts design to beat the heat with superb heat resistance up to 480°F, cutton liner provides an extra layer of protection to your hand. No longer to worry about rising steam and hot items.
  • ?Waterproof & Anti-skid Texture Grip?Design by the nonporous and durable silicone, the mitts is totally waterproof and won’t let steam and heat pass. Textured surface with unique pattern on the palm gives a firm grip when handling bakeware on grills and outdoor cooking.
  • ?Comfortable Lining?In addition to a extra layer of the protection, the silicone oven mitts Lined with a non-slip quilted cotton is soft and comfy enough to get through loads of cooking and baking marathons. Enjoy the safety benefits of silicon and the familiar comforts of cotton in one convenient mitt!
  • ?Easy store and Clean up?Convenient silicone loop lets you hang your mitt in your kitchen or outdoor prep area for easy accessibility. Cotton is generally pull out and the silicone is easier to wash-just with just some warm water & a little soap