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As a new parent, you know you have just about 18 months before things turn wild in your house. That will be roughly when your little one starts to really get into the swing of wrecking your possessions.

You’re completely terrified, but now, that you’ve found this great product by myqualityproducts on amazon, cupboard by cupboard, you can quietly begin a child-proofing initiative in your home.

You and your spouse took a lot of love and care in buying all your beautiful objects, those fantastic pieces of furniture that you acquired in exotic places to make yourself a lovely and cosy home.

No one can possibly be prepared to see their kid smash their delicate belongings. Those things you’ve found homes for on shelves and in cupboards out of harm’s way, but it’s the cupboards themselves that you have to gear up to be child-proof, down the lines.

Our magnetic locks offer ‘no fuss no mess’ solution:
So simple – it’s really a children’s game to install
Grip that will reach and hold tight through almost 1.6” or 40mm of wood
Tougher than any baby
Superior product
Proper installation instructions
Bonus safety devices
Keep curious babies out of harm’s way