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  • Strong Practicability:Your wardrobe will never be messy again with this Underwear Storage Box Compartment! Sort all your garments with this high-quality, well-stitched, and fine mesh compartment.Arrange your garments with this compartment.For an organized wardrobe, use this to store your underwear, socks, bras, ties, scarves, etc.
  • Made Of High-Quality Fabric?This Underwear Storage Bins are made of high-quality fabric with well-stitched mesh.For durable and long-lasting use, this compartment can withstand long term pressure.It is also built in a three-dimensional structure to provide firm hold and prevent deformation from happening.
  • Classified Storage:There are three designs of this product with different amount of compartments in three different sizes, making it specifically suitable to store bras, panties, and socks.The item includes 3 bins: 6 cell(bra), 7 cell(underwear, briefs, ties), 11 cell(socks).
  • Space Saving:Takes up a small amount of space in closet and keeps items secure and free of dust. Good solution to many personal storage needs. It can be folded when not use.
  • Convenience ?Upgrade odorless environmentally friendly fabrics and can be washed in cold or warm water. Transparent grid design allow for finding the content inside quickly.