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  • 【2 in 1 Scrape and Brush Design】The shower cleaning brush can be used as a brush and squeegee. Five rows of dense hard bristles meet the cleaning requirements of all stubborn dirt. After scrubbing the floor, you can easily scrape off the sewage. Hard-to-reach corners and cracks under the furniture can also be easily cleaned, no sanitary corners. And the scrubbing brush head can be disassembled and used alone, which is very flexible and convenient. Improve efficiency when doing housework.
  • 【4-section Adjustable Long Handle】 Our scrubbing brush come with 4 pole handle(easy to assemble).Max length: 55in. A stainless steel tube has been added compared to the market. You can adjust the length of the floor scrubber according to your cleaning tasks and cleaning habits. In the scrubbing process, even if you use force to push, the adjustable parts will remain in place without deformation.
  • 【Sturdy and Durable Cleaning Brush】The scrubbing brush is made of high-quality PVC bristle, rubber squeegee, and stainless steel handle. The bristles in the brush head can effectively remove stains on rough and hard floors, and the bristles can maintain their shape to maintain the cleaning effect for a long time. The combination of the hard and soft brush gives it a certain degree of elasticity and will not damage the floor.
  • 【Multifunctional deck brush】 The cleaning brush can be used for dry cleaning or wet cleaning. It can be widely used for tile floors, concrete floors, glass surfaces and cement and marble floors, such as bathtubs, bathrooms, kitchens, showers, walls, garages and terraces. Even a textured bathtub surface can easily remove stains.
  • 【Easy to clean at 45°】The bathroom scrub brush with long handle adopts an ergonomic design so that people can use a more comfortable 45° angle to start home cleaning work. Compared with traditional cleaning tools, it saves time and effort. The handle is frosted and non-slip design, which can provide a safe grip even with wet hands without slipping away. There is a round hole design on the top, which can be hung on the wall after use to save space.