• Thanks for your visit. We are new in merchant world. We know it’s hard to begin. However, as a moon lover, we will keep a high passion to provide each customer with quality product and service.
  • Cute Moon Mirror: The moon phases mirror with a strong Nordic style has an irresistible charm, no matter where it is placed in homes, halls, lobbies, bedrooms, nursery rooms, offices, classrooms and other places, as an elegant wall art, she is a good motivational decoration, especially for moon lovers.
  • Spiritual Moon Decorations: The moon phase mirrors decor are inspired by the changes of moon phases, just as our brand name ‘RTMISA’ comes from the ancient moon goddess’Artemis’, From the new moon to the full moon, we all hope that the moon can give us great energy.
  • Nice Material: We worship the moon, so we have carefully considered the choice of materials. We choose golden high-quality acrylic to set off her noble beauty. And each moon is protected by a protective film to prevent her face from being damaged. (PS: They are decorations and don’t have the imaging effect of ordinary mirrors.
  • Easy to Install, Free to Combine: You only need to tear off the adhesive tape behind the mirrors, you can install them on a smooth surface, such as plastic surface, smooth wallpaper, smooth glass, wooden surface, ceramic tile surface, metal surface, latex paint wall surface. At the same time, you can also sort or delete different moon phases freely.