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  • ?Basic parameters?— 12-pack of Bevigor lithium 1100mAh 1.5V with light weight?7g/1pc?life-span(10 years) AAA batteries, perfect to power your electronic devices, remote controls and other household appliances. Bevigor provide extremely perfect packaging and strong storage time. Prevent accidental drop or short circuit, and provide more secure protection for the battery. 10-year battery storage life for long-term backup energy.
  • ?More safety &Leak-proof?—Three-layer safety and leak-proof design. Explosion-proof valve, anti-short-circuit valve, leak-proof sealing ring. And use of spiral wound battery technology can effectively prevent liquid from battery to leaking or damage the device (based on standard usage). Is the best choice for high-end electronic products.
  • ?Wide adaptable temperature?—Performs perfectly in extreme environments . Cold resistance surpasses alkaline batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries. Works well from -40F to 140 ° F and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.
  • ?Wide application?—Perfect for both high and low drain devices, such as digital cameras, vr controllers, 4WD speed RC car toys, LED flashlight clocks, emergency lantern, LED candle,portable radio, cassette recorder, solar lights, baby toys, mouse, remote controls and so on.
  • ?100% satisfication guarantee?—Bevigor promise every customer 6-month warranty.Any questions, please feel free contact us, we are always here and will do our best to support you! [Note: The date on the battery is the production date]