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  • You are looking for the ideal baby gift-our baby decoration set, it is the cutest baby gift you can find. Value-for-money baby handprints, decorative souvenir bags and exquisite baby handprint art decoration.
  • The kit includes 2 clays, 2 molding rings, 2 paper pads, 2 brushes, 6 paints, 2 easels, 2 twine, 4 ribbons, 2 storage bags, 1 font model, 1 1 resin decoration accessories, 1 punch, 1 product description.
  • Most babies, cute pet cats, and dog handprints or footprints are very suitable. It can record the precious and happy memories of every small member of the family.
  • Excellent quality, lasting quality-guaranteed: food grade clay-can protect your precious newborn. Even after several years, your baby souvenir decorations will remain in good condition. The best quality, highest quality DIY craft kit supplies.
  • Create a wonderful moment-making this baby nursery decoration souvenir kit requires patience and care. Take your time and enjoy every lovely moment while completing this souvenir decoration with your family!