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  • Multi-purpose: This electronic LCD writing tablet is the specially design for all ages & all purposes. With the built-in stylus-dock, it’s suitable to use at all scenarios. No matter it’s for children to use at home, playing outside, even for adults taking notes, doing calculation at work etc., this writing tablet is suitable for all, a fridge white board, a memo board, a writing pad, a personal white board, a letter board, a doodle board, a bulletin board, note pad, you name it!
  • Pen on paper like: This electronic LCD writing tablet equipped with a high-tech, soft, LCD screen, just like a paper tablet. Not like those old writing pad for computer, write with different hand pressure, different ink mark will be shown. This will make kids to write more, or as a kids drawing tablet. The body material is safe, non-toxic and non-radiative.
  • Smart Locks Function: Mis-operation avoidable, as this electronic LCD writing tablet has a Smart Locks Function. Switch the LOCK button, which allows preventing accidental pressing the delete button ruins your creative art work / memo. Also with the one key to clear, even kids can easily handle this electronic writing tablet.
  • Eye Protecting: With the Glass-free Flexible LCD screen, even with a long time usage on this electronic writing tablet, your eyes will not be tired at all. Better than let the kids spend all day playing games.
  • Environment-Friendly and Long Lifespan: This electronic LCD writing tablet is powered by a pre-sea LCD button battery (replaceable). Works just like a white board. The battery will only be used when erasing the screen, power consumption is so low that this tablet can be used over 100,000 times, saving up to 100,000pcs paper, equals to 3 trees. Save the environment!

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