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  • ????Party Dedicated Neon Sticker + Party Cork Lights???? we carefully selected 20 Neon stickers and put them on the Bottle lights with Cork to make your Party more exciting. Stickers can make bottle lights look more unique and beautiful. Cork Lights is a battery-powered solution that can be used to decorate any corner inside or outside the house. As a decoration for dinner, it will add fun and romance to the dinner.
  • ???? Bright and energy efficient. Using 20 high quality LED lights at three times the purchase price of ordinary beads, and more energy-efficient, can Our “wine bottle lights with cork” will reduce power consumption by 35% and increase brightness by 30%.
  • ???? Use more advanced waterproof and anti-corrosion technology. our latest exclusive patented silver waterproof coating is used to increase the waterproof and anti-corrosion level of conductive copper wire to IP68, and prevent the copper wire from contacting moist air and water to cause corrosion and power loss , Compared with similar products, our cork lights have brighter lights and better performance.
  • ???? Adopt brand-new battery technology – alkaline batteries: Abandon the traditional old-fashioned carbon batteries, and use alkaline batteries with high quality and high price. Advantages: 1. Electricity is longer lasting, 2. Electricity is stronger, 3. Quality is more stable, 4. Safety and no leakage, 5. No mercury and more environmentally friendly.
  • Let we for you to create a pleasant atmosphere, and let us use the best quality service to make your feel the highest respect. This is our vow! We stand by our wine bottle lights with our outstanding customer service, if you ever have a problem, Please contact us.