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Find Where to Look at Christmas Lights Near You w/ the Nextdoor Cheer Map!

Interested in looking at Christmas lights in your neighborhood or local area? Nextdoor’s annual holiday Cheer Map is free and easy to use! From Christmas lights to Hanukkah displays, you can easily find the best and brightest outdoor holiday decorations in nearby neighborhoods.

If you’re not sure neighborhoods have holiday lights up, Nextdoor makes it easy for you! Just look for the different colored bulbs on the Cheer Map in areas closest to you. You can even add your own to let neighbors know you’ve decorated for the holiday season!

In addition, Nextdoor teamed up with The Home Depot to show nearby store locations on the map where you can easily find everything you need to make your holidays fun, festive, and low-stress. From beautiful décor including live trees and inflatables to great gift ideas for everyone on your list. The holiday display map even features a seasonal how-to guide featuring décor inspiration and gift guides.

You can find the Cheer Map all month long on the Nextdoor app or by visiting nextdoor.com/cheer for local information on holiday lights and decorations.

What is Nextdoor??

Nextdoor is a neighborhood hub where you’ll find all sorts of helpful information, goods, and services in your local area. It’s a great place to go to receive trusted information, give and get help, buy/sell goods, and build real-world connections with nearby neighbors, businesses, and public services.

Popular topics on Nextdoor include:

  • Real estate
  • Crime & Safety
  • Recommendations
  • Events
  • Lost & Found
  • Pets
  • Finds (ie – Free & For Sale)
  • Local deals
  • and more!

The app is completely free to use!