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  • ?Don’t hurt hands?With the high-quality soft silicone golves, you can stay away from hot or cold water, and keep your hands dry. The palms are fully covered in sturdy and firm silicone bristles, the reusable silicone dishwashing golves offers a firm grip, making it an efficient and economical way to wash your kitchen or bathroom.
  • ?Hypoallergenic material?For those people who are allergic to latex or people with hand injuries or sensitive skin, this wash cleaning golves is the most sanitary choice because of its resistant silicone. This high-temperature-resistant silicone golves with wash scrubber are comfortable and breathable.
  • ?Multifunctional use?This scrub golves can be used for dishwashing, kitchen, floor, bathroom cleaning, car washing, washing fruits or vegetable cleaning scrub golves and also for your pet massage silicone golves. This golves can protect your hands so well even under hot water, now you can use really hot water to clean dishes. Heat resistant up to 160° , so it can also be sterilized in boiling water and keep the dirt out of your home.
  • ?Food standard silicon?The soft yet sturdy bristles, boost the foam production and let you wash more with only a couple of drops of detergent. Unlike low quality cleaning sponge golves, that break easily, our scrub golves for dishes are designed to last. They are soft but durable and highly flexible, allowing you to perfectly clean large surfaces and small items, effortless.
  • ?Long golves with scrubbers?This kitchen golves with 16-inch ex-long waterproof sleeves to prevent hands and arms skin contact with corrosive liquids, clean kitchen utensils, car washing, cleaning windows, cleaning indoor health.