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  • ?Performance & Design?This portable personal sauna tent easily adjusts power and time with the remote control or 2L steamer button. 9 levels of temperature regulating and 10-60 minutes timing range bring you wonderful relaxation. Cotton jacket with waterproof layer prevents steam penetration. Two zipper openings free your hands and you can watch TV, read, or use the device. Make the most of the fragmentation time.
  • ?9 Levels Temperature Adjustment And Safety Protection?9 levels of temperature regulating, maximum steam temperature 65° and 10-60 minutes timing range bring you wonderful relaxation. With remote control, you can adjust time and temperature by yourself easily! The newest 2L capacity steam pot, with anti-dry, anti-leakage, anti-explosion, automatic power cut protection, anti-leakage protection.
  • ?Amazing Fast Set Up – One Minute?Only need one mintune, unfold the sauna, plug in the power. You Can Have a portable personal spa paradise. Enjoy nourishing warmth in any location. When you use it, you can add your favorite essential oil for an even more enjoyable experience. Note: Do not put corrosive substances (such as essential oils and herbs) directly into the steamer.
  • ?Health And Relaxation?The use of steam is helpful to improve cyanide resistance, eliminate toxins and garbage in the body, that is an effective way to glow your skin. It has the advantage of helping you lose weight, promoting blood circulation, improving skin tone, reducing stress in your life, improving sleep quality and improving your health. Two zipper openings free your hands and you can reading books, listening to music, play on your mobile phone, watch movies and so on.
  • ?Safety Protection?This sauna tent has timing and power adjustment functions, anti-dry, anti-leakage, explosion-proof, automatic power-off protection, and leakage protection. The maximum steam temperature: 65 °, will not cause skin burns and other problems, it is strongly recommended to replenish body moisture in time after use.