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  • Reducing pain and pressure on ear – Upgraded mask extender strap(7.1inch), 3-level adjustable, adapt to various kinds of masks.Relieving the pain and pressure of your ears caused by wearing the mask for a long time
  • Creating a breathing space – 3D three-dimensional support, isolate the mouth and nose to form a breathing space to make breathing smoother, and at the same time isolate the mouth and nose to avoid potential safety hazards from contact
  • Environmentally friendly design – Lightweight material throughout.The mask extender strap is made of environmentally friendly PP flexible material and the mask bracket is made of food grade silicone material,which fits perfectly to your head and face,maximum comfort wraparound design
  • Super handy & convenient – Keep Your Face Protection Clean and Close By – Don’t Risk Getting Your Mask Dirty or Losing It by Setting It Down Or Shoving it In Your Pocket Clip the Small Hooks to the Elastic Bands on Your Mask. Like a Glasses Retainer, Just Slip it Over Your Head and Wear Like a Necklace. Will work with Your Existing Ear Saver or Headband
  • Easy to use – Adjustable ear protector with two-point connection,easy to use,which fits to most adults and kids.For mask bracket,there are two clips on both sides of it, you can hang the bracket on the mask to prevent slipping. Then put on the mask as usual.Package contains 5 pcs mask extender straps and 5 pcs mask brackets