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CODE: 50573BV2

  • ?Large Swimming Pool?Full-Sized Pool(120 x70 x23.5in) is large enough for your family(2 adults & 4 kids)  to enjoy a summer fun in the backyard.ded into 3 layers. Enough for 2 adults and 5 children to play. Come and join the summer pool party!
  • ?The fun of summer starts here?It takes 3-5 minutes to inflate the swimming pool with an air pump. (The air pump is not included)
  • ?Optional Height?Above ground swimming pool for kids is composed of 3 independent air chambers, so you can choose the swimming pool height, 1-3 floors. Remember, the saturation of aeration is 80%-90%, and the water injection is about 80%.
  • ?Safe to Use? The pool is made of PVC material, which has certain ductility. With the increase of use, the product size will stretch out. There will be some taste when the tank is opened, which is also a normal phenomenon. The tank is printed with environment-friendly ink, which is produced in strict accordance with the national safety and quality inspection standards.
  • ?What You Will Get?A huge inflatable pool, a repair patch, product instruction manual, note that the electric pump is not included.