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  • ?? Steady Lock Mechanism?The stable LOCK system in our contour gauge could keep the shape & profile perfect as it is with no move out of form. So you can profile, copy and trace the outline more accurately and easily wherever you need.
  • ??Widen Design?Considering of some scenarios where you need to duplicate some deep shapes & angles, we increase width of both 10” & 5” contour gauge duplicator reaches to 5.1 inches.Ensure you can measure up to 2.8″ (71mm) depths easily and precisely record the cross-sectional shapes.
  • ??Tightness Adjustable?Want to adjust the tightness of the duplicator gauge by yourself to match different objects? Yes, you can do it by using the screwdriver gift in box to adjust the Tightness screw between loosen & tighten. Adjust to the perfect tightness fitting for you & the targeted objects by yourself.
  • ??Accurate & Flexible?With premium materials & updated craftmanship, it allows you to push the profile gauge very smoothly & precisely. Each pin measures to 0.06 inch, providing more accurate data. Upgrade ABS materials and no bump on each smooth pin, you can push the contour gauge duplicator to profile the objects so FLEXIBLY without any stuck points or expansion.
  • ??Clear Scale & Easy To Use?Premium Print on both front & back sides of contour gauge duplicator in both Inch & Centimeter scale, outstanding look to read the scale even in weak light environment. Just push the contour gauge duplicator against the objects to match the contour and lock the shape. Then you can copy or trace the outline by pencil easily!