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  • ?Educational Toy?It is a children’s educational toy that can help children develop endless imagination, mathematical counting and architectural design
  • ?Easy Storage?The magnet construction is easy to construct, the storage space is small, and it is easy to store
  • ?Complte Accessories?Contains 18 triangles, 36 squares, 6 Japanese shape, 4 mouth shape, 4 field shape, 6 gate shape, 6 fence shape, 2 E shape, 6 L shape, 10 small right angles, 10 1 small rectangle, 8 Yangtze River Delta, 2 big square, 2 cars
  • ?Suitable?Applicable to the patchwork of children over three years old, both boys and girls
  • ?Parent-child?Children’s growth is accompanied by parents and toys, I hope our product can bring a happy childhood to children.

Price and code can change at anytime!