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  • Removes Unwanted Skin Tags and Moles? Our skin tag and mole removal cream can be used on unwanted and unsightly skin blemishes to safely remove them in 1-2 weeks or less.
  • Repairs Damaged Skin? Also included is a healing lotion that hydrates and moisturizes your skin after blemishes are removed to restore skin to top quality.
  • Fast and Effective ? In under 2 weeks, the skin tag and mole removal cream will dry unwanted blemishes so that they fall off with no pain to achieve the good-looking skin you’ve always wanted.
  • Reliable Company and Product ? Our formula is reliable and effective and we back that up by providing the highest level of customer service for each of our clients.
  • Safe for Use on All Body Parts? The working principle of the product is to destroy the excess part of the skin, so never use it on intact skin but for any area with excess skin, the product is safe for use.