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  • ?????????Easy to Store?:This puzzle mat is equipped with an inflatable tube and a rollable mat,which can keep half of the completed or completed puzzles,further protect your puzzles from disintegration,and can be transported anywhere!
  • ?????????Holds Large Puzzles?:The size of the puzzle pad is 18.11 x 10.24(Inch),which can store up to 1500 large puzzle games.This ensures that all parts remain in place without wrinkles or creases.The black color creates a contrast for easy visibility,allowing you to enjoy endless pleasure.
  • ?????????Roll Up Easily?:Place the puzzle on the mat to start your jigsaw puzzle.When you want to save the unfinished game,just inflate the tube and place it on either side of the mat,then roll up the mat,and Tie with elastic fasteners for further stability.
  • ?????????Meet Your Needs?:The set of puzzle mat contains an inflatable tube,a non-slip felt mat and three elastic band fasteners,making the puzzle easy to carry or store and meet your requirements.Please note:This puzzle mat does not contain puzzles.
  • ?????????Perfect Gifts?:Large capacity,easy to use,meet demand,easy to store,this jigsaw puzzle mat is an excellent gift for jigsaw enthusiasts and beginners.

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