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  • ?????Perfect Hand & Wrist Protection?Unique insulated silicone oven gloves for better kitchen and barbecue use. The extra-long design covers the forearm to avoid burns or scorching from hot steam or flames, allowing you to work on high-temperature flames, ovens or grills with less worry, especially when pulling out the hot pot or serving the hot plate.
  • ?????Heat-resistant & Fire-retardant Silicone Cover ?The kitchen glove has a double cotton surface covered with more than 400 food-safe silicone pads. Featuring high heat resistance up to 932? and great flame retardancy, this pair of high-heat-resistant oven mitts ideal for moving or holding hot pots, dishes, tableware or plates.
  • ?????Textured Non-slip Grip?Not just one side, both sides of this oven glove are covered with a total of more than 400 non-slip silicone pads to increase your grip strength and facilitate your control and stabilization of hot, heavy, or smooth items.
  • ?????Steam-proof ?Unlike ordinary cotton cooking and oven gloves, our oven gloves are made of thickened material and the silicone part on the surface is completely waterproof which can help prevent steam burns when cooking or draining cooked pasta on the stovetop.
  • ?????Heavy Duty & Durability?This pair of heat-resistant gloves are lined with strong and durable cotton, comfortable, flexible, can be washed repeatedly without fading or deformation, and bring food-grade safety and versatility for long-term use. More than that, the hidden hanging loop is greatly convenient for storing and accessing the cooking gloves.
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