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  • THE HIGHEST QUALITY ingredients to produce easy adhesion and quality hardness thats LASTS! If you are finding that your nails are lifting make sure you are not applying too close to the cuticle.
  • HAVE STRONG SMELL, because it is MMA free. All professional Acrylic Monomer and Powder have a strong smell and does not contain MMA. Our MMA Free Monomer is very safe to use. A ventilated place is recommended to reduce the smell.
  • Includes 0.5oz clear acrylic powder, and 0.5 oz pink acrylic powder,0.5 oz white acrylic powder
  • ACRYLIC POWDER: Formulated by experts. Our Acrylic Powder is bubble-free polymers that will offer extraordinary clarity. Our Acrylic Powder provide a smooth self leveling finish. Optimized for all Season.