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  • LONG LASTING UTENSIL SET: These cooking utensils are designed to withstand the heat that your oven puts out up to a startling 446 °F. The temperature resistant silicone tops are 100% food safe and the durable wooden handles can withstand heat that would melt plastic utensils. This makes cooking safe and easy!
  • PROTECT YOUR PANS: Nonstick pans are a treasure and our silicone cooking utensils set helps you protect your investment. Stir, whisk, beat, and scrape without any fear of damaging your pricey cookware including pots and pans. This highly durable silicone is completely safe to use on nonstick surfaces.
  • FOOD GRADE SILICONE: Your health and safety is our primary concern. That’s why we’ve created our silicone kitchen utensils set with BPA free food grade silicone heads. You can rest assured that your kitchen utensils are safe and effective for all of your meal making needs.
  • STURDY WOODEN HANDLES: Our spatula set features durable and strong wooden handles that are not only resistant to heat but also won’t damage any of your nonstick pans. Wooden utensils do not conduct heat, so the wooden handles won’t become too hot to hold while you’re cooking dinner or flipping burgers with the silicone tongs and flipper.
  • 11 PIECE SET: Our kitchen utensil set comes complete with the 11 most in demand pieces that you need in your kitchen. Whether you need to grab some pasta or strain carrots out of sauce, our silicone utensil set has the right tool for the job that you need to get done cooking in your kitchen.