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  • ✂️【KITCHEN, GARDEN AND BEYOND】: With this versatile combination of our highly-regarded five-blade herb shears plus heavy-duty cooking scissors, you’ll have unparalleled professional cutting power and precision wherever you need it, at a price that won’t break the bank. And with its pleasing packaging, it will make a long-appreciated gift for anyone who could use the myriad capabilities of superior scissors.
  • ✂️【COOKING CUTTING POWER】: Our kitchen scissors are sharp enough to slice through poultry, fish or just about any type of meat. Discover how much cleaner and easier it is to butterfly a chicken breast with a quality pair of scissors than it is with a typical knife.It has more uses, which can be used as nuts cracker,bottle opener,Scales scraper.The non-slip handle allows the chef to accurately cut out the desired shape every time. Great grip for both right and left handed.
  • ✂️【CUT WITH CONFIDENCE】: The five 3”-long blades in our premium herb shears not only excel at their primary function of snipping everything from cilantro to tarragon to green onions in a snap,one quick swipe of the comb cover removes clinging herbs.Safe to use,cover case protects blades when stored. Comb prevents finger cuts. they’re also great shredders for documents, as well as efficient cutters of the thicker paper and cardboard that you often find in arts and crafts applications.
  • ✂️【 SUPER SHRAP AND SAFE】Made of stainless steell, These three Heavy Duty Scissors forged from top premium grade stainless steel that is rust- resistance and corrosion resistance,ultra sharp blades,light and effortless while easily outperforming all other shears.Our kitchen shears ensure non-slip cutting in various tasks, saving effort while avoiding accidental injury whenever you using. The environmentally friendly material handle, stylish and anti-skid, makes you feel completely comfortable.
  • ✂️【EASY TO USE AND TO MAINTAIN】 The ergonomically designed handles of the five blade grass shears and kitchen heavy scissors will offer you a soft and secure grip while you use the multipurpose cutting tools. And once you’re done using the stainless steel kitchen shears , simply put them in the dishwasher or hand wash them. The high quality stainless steel won’t get rusty and the multipurpose scissors will always be as good as new.

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