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Desktop bill counter with accurate and reliable money counting ability. Simple operation, just put the notes into the supply hopper and then the counting processing will begin automatically. It works with all types of notes: whether they are old, new, wrinkled or even fatigued notes from years of circulation. It is equipped with UV & MG detector. If detecting a counterfeit, the machine will cease counting and a beeping alarm as well as red LCD display will show up.

Desktop bill counter with reliable, hassle-free and high-speed counting ability.
Compact and stylish design with LCD display showing the operating information.
Equipped with UV(ultraviolet) & MG(magnetic) counterfeit money detectors, accurate and precise.
If detecting a counterfeit, there will a beeping alarm notification and LCD display will turn red.
Supports counting almost all currencies in the world, and detecting counterfeit money of euro/ AUD/ pound/ dollar.
Supports automatic/ manual counting mode, pressing the “RESTRT” button for 3 seconds to switch.
“ADD”(addition) function for accumulating total number of bills counting continuously, as they are added and processed through the hopper.
“BAT”(batch) function for automatically stopping counting bills once a set target amount is achieved.
With + & – buttons for setting target counting amount, convenient usage.

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