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250 PIECES: Create cool 3D buildings, towers, and structures with 250 colorful mini tiles that connect via magnets and even endure being dropped or stepped onSTURDY MAGNETIC HOLD: Made with magnets so little ones can build easily, while rounded edges are safe for kids of all agesSTIMULATE CHILD DEVELOPMENT: Kids love playing with colorful shapes; by playing they stimulate imagination and develop color/shape recognition, and fine motor skillsSTORAGE INCLUDED: Keeping the room tidy is a breeze, the set comes with a plastic storage box so tiles can be tucked away for next time or brought along on the next car rideLET THE CREATIVITY BEGIN: Kids can unleash their imagination as they build and even combine the tiles with our other magnetic building block sets for even more creative possibilities

DIMENSIONS:Package Dimensions: 18.1″(L) x 17.1″(W) x 5.0″(H)Cars: 7.75″(L) x 3″(W) x 1.75″(H)Large Squares: 6″(L) x 6″(W)All Small Squares: 3″(L) x 3″(W)Large Triangles: 5.5″(L) x 2.75″(W)Medium Triangles: 3.75″(L) x 2″(W)Small Triangles: 2.75″(L) x 2.5″(W)Small Rectangles: 3″(L) x 1.5″(W)Wall Shapes: 3″(L) x 1.5″(W)Railroad Track Shapes: 3″(L) x 3″(W)All shapes are 0.25″ thickWeight: 13 lbs.

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