Kohls Art Studio - Free Online Resources for young artists

Kohl’s Art Studio is a joint effort between Kohl’s and the Milwaukee Art Museum to bring area kids and their families closer to art—to discover more about it—and involve them in creative art experiences. The studio is the place to engage in hands-on art projects and create something all your own.

Thank you Kohls & Milwaukee Art Studio (MAM) for these free resources.

Floral Furniture

Turn chipboard boxes into fancy, miniature furniture. Materials: chipboard boxes, scissors, glue, markers, pencil and pen

Snow Sculpting

Get outside and sculpt some snow. Materials: snow, warm clothes, bucket, hand shovel or metal spoon

Lively Animals

Use bright bold colors to paint a lively animal. Materials: paint, brushes, paint tray or paper plate, water cup, water, paper or board

Art in Motion

Make your own moving sculptures to launch into the sky. Materials: paper, rubber bands, scissors, tape

More Art Videos can be found on Milwauke Art Museuem website.