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  • 【Replace Traditional Cleaning Style】- Do you still waste so much time to clean your makeup brushes by hand? Stop! The upgraded electric makeup brush cleaner not only saves your time to clean and dry your brushes, but also makes your beloved cosmetic brushes good as new.
  • 【Clean Your Brushes Thoroughly】- Have you worried about cosmetic residue damaging your skin? The electric makeup brush cleaner cleans the cosmetic leftovers on the brush by spinning rapidly in water. By using this method, you will never see cosmetic residue on your makeup brushes anymore. Prevent dirty efficiently by removing dirt and oil on your brushes. Electric makeup brush cleaner achieve 98% cleanliness.
  • 【Clean and Dry Brushes in Seconds】- This electric makeup brush cleaner and dryer only needs to rotate in water (with liquid solution) for a few seconds to clean and dry your makeup brush. Its fast drying function is helpful to keep your brushes soft, clean and durable. You don’t waste too much time cleaning your cosmetic brushes, and you don’t need to buy a makeup brush holder to wait for the makeup brush to dry. Save your money! Save your time!
  • 【How to Use】- Portable One-Button design is convenient for cleaning and drying. Just 3 steps easily to use this electric make up cleaner and dryer. 1. Choose the suitable rubber collar for brush and attach to the spinner. 2. Pour water and solution into the bowl. 3. Dip & spin to clean, raise & spin to dry.
  • 【8 Rubber Collars Suit For 98% Brushes Size】- 8 different collar sizes in sizes ranging from 3MM to 30MM are provided of this electric makeup brush cleaner to fit your various cosmetic brushes, it is suitable for 95% of the makeup brushes in the market. Select the suitable collar for your makeup brush when you clean them. Note: 2 AAA batteries required (not included).