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  • Why should I buy this Wooden Number Block Case for my baby? Our house is full of too many large toys that we couldn’t get any other one, but my baby always get bored of them easily,why don’t I buy them a smaller but interesting one to keep them busy and brain developed?
  • ?Tiny but Funny?The dimension of this Travel Puzzle Box is only 4.88″x 6.63″ but it contains 75 pieces for kids to play and learn.? Seperate Numbers from 1 to 10, which can be put back to cards as puzzle too.?50 counting sitcks?10 Double sided card—One side is Number Puzzle with corresponding number of animal patterns, the other side is 5 different math questions.?1 Set of Mathematics Symbol ? A writing pen with erase for kids to answer question and write.
  • ?Travel/Car Game?The Math Learning case is small,so it’s convenient and portable to anywhere kids like.It could be a travel game,car game,home game or school game with friends.Teachers can use it to teach students how to do math and how to count by using the magnets and sticks. The recognition and learning game encourage parents to play with kids too! What a happy time!
  • ?Environmentally Friendly Materials?The Coloful Number blocks are made of wood. No fur to hurt baby’s hands and the wooden blocks make kids feel more real when picking them up.The magnetic Numbers can be stuck to the iron box directly or to refrigerator,magnetic easel board…
  • ?Pre-school Education Toys?75 pcs of wooden numbers and sticks would be the excellent helper to do the pre-school education.Logical thinking, creativity,imagination,practical ability,hand-eye coordination ability,patience and observation can be all get developed and improved when playing.Time to get one Didcant Learnign Box for your baby as a reward,Christmas gift or birthday gift.

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