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  • Amethyst Collection: 12 pretty cool tone color including purples, greys, nudes, and glitters! Suitable for all occasions and events, weddings, work, daily life, party, and vacation. Additional matte top coat comes in this polish kit, you are free to create more nail designs?
  • 15 Pcs Gel Polish: 12 x Mini Color Gels(5ml/bottle) 3 x Full Size(7.5ml/bottle) Base Coat + Glossy/Matte Top Coat. Healthy, Environment-friendly products with healthy ingredients, low smell, NON-TOXIC & hassle-free and friendly customer service.
  • Long Lasting: With the combination of BabeNail Base Coat and Top Coat could make your Gel polish last for 21+ days, after 3 weeks of wearing, the color still vibrant. With better prep?trimming, filing, and capping the free edge?, it would last even longer than 21 days! Feel free to contact us if our Gel Polish does not last longer than 21 days.
  • Fast Curing: Soak off Gel Nail Polish is required to be cured under the UV/LED Lamp. With 48w UV/LED Lamp, you can cure your Color Gel in just 30 seconds and Base/Top Coat in 60 seconds. (the lamp might take longer depending on the wattage)
  • After-sale Service: Please contact us directly if you have any problem while using it. We always keep active to help you solve problems. Providing replacement or refund if the item has any problem within 180 days.

Price and code can change at anytime!