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  • Polyester & Polyester Blend
  • Made in USA or Imported
  • Standard size: 72X72inch, suitable for any standard bathroom shower or bathtub. You can buy our cactus floral shower curtain at any time. Each shower curtain has rust-proof metal grommet to support daily use.
  • High-quality materials: cactus shower curtain is made of high-quality polyester fabric, which is safe and hygienic, non-polluting and harmless to your family’s health. After showering, it can be cleaned with a quick rinse or wipe.
  • High-definition printing: cactus shower curtain fabric adopts single-sided high-definition digital printing design. We provide a variety of modern, fashionable, safe, unique and interesting color patterns, a wide variety of styles, and fascinating.
  • Easy to use: cartoon cactus shower curtain is equipped with free hook to help you hang it easily and conveniently. The water slides out and dries quickly. When rolling outside, the water droplets slide like seed pearls and can keep your house fresh.
  • Application range: The decoration of shower curtain cactus can be used not only in the bathroom, but also in windows and decorations to keep the home clean. It can regulate emotions and maintain a comfortable and pleasant living environment.

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