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  •  COMPLETE CAKE AND CUPCAKE DECORATING KIT: Containing all the baking supplies that you’ll ever need, this baking and cake decorating kit contains 75 pieces including a turntable stand, pastry bags, icing tips, piping tips set, couplers, heart-shaped mold, cake scraper, cake leveler, decorating pen, cake decorating tools, cake spatula and disposable icing bags.
  •  REVOLVING CAKE TURNTABLE: Perfect for beginner baking enthusiasts, the cake turntable can easily be maneuvered by rotating it 360°; clockwise or anti-clockwise.
  •  EASY-TO-USE DISPOSABLE ICING BAGS: Use the icing bags with any tip size. They decrease mess and increase the fun! With their larger size, these disposable bags would not have to be repeatedly filled as you do indulge yourself in cake decorating.
  •  FUN PIPING TIPS SET: Containing 3 Russian piping tips and 24 professionally selected numbered tips including round tips, leaf tips, petal tips, French tips, basket weave tips, open star tips, close star tips and drop flower tips, you can create miraculous designs on cakes. All you have to do is push the buttercream through and let the Russian piping tips and the selected numbered tips create beautiful patterns on your cake, cupcakes, biscuits and pies.
  •  NON-TOXIC FOOD GRADE CAKE SCRAPER AND LEVELER: Approved by FDA for easy and safe use, our cake scraper will help you give a perfect finishing to your cake’s icing and a fine detail to your buttercream. The cake leveler is exactly what you need for a layered cake as it cuts the cake in perfectly equal proportions.

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