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  • Exquisite details: This is a 2018 special minicooper building block. The door and the trunk door can be opened. The roof can be removed and turned into a convertible car. Every interior accessory is very real and interesting, in the car, including the steering wheel, dashboard, handle, throttle, brakes, wipers. The wheels can also be turned.
  • Suitable size: The size of the building blocks is the size of the mini building block. The size of the 2*2 building block is 12mm*12mm. It is slightly smaller than Lego blocks. The effect of the work is more realistic, after assembly. The finished product is 130mm long, 70mm wide and 50mm high. It is generally larger than the adult palm. The ratio to the real mini cooper is 1:24. Restore the coolest car exterior.
  • Interesting assembly: This minicooper model car has 492 blocks. Suitable for children over 6 years old. Building block enthusiasts will take about two and a half hours to assemble. If you are assembling for the first time, it may take more time. If it is for children, it is recommended to accompany the children to assemble. Enjoy the fun of this minicooper together.
  • A rare collection: For car model enthusiasts, this is a model car worthy of collection. It adds to the fun of assembling than a regular model car. A great sense of accomplishment after completion. The rich details also make it different from other minicooper model cars.
  • Valuable education: For children, through the assembly of it, children can train cognitive skills well. The difficulty is moderate and does not take a full day to complete. Parents can explain the car’s parts and assembly skills to the children during the accompanying process. This process can enhance the feelings of the child. It is a very happy thing to complete a work with your child. Of course, it is also a gift for gifts.

Price May Change at any time!

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